Holiday linkage

For lack of anything original to say, here are some links to make your season bright:

Via Rocket Jones, some cheesecake. Warning: NSFW!)

Via Silver Blue, a “Dear John” letter for the cyber age.

Via Rue, Madonna condoms!

From LeeAnn, a fabulous rendition of Santa Baby, full of links to more nuts than a cyber-fruitcake. 😉 (Thanks for the mention, love!)

But, alas, the season brings joy to some. But sometimes, it takes it away, too.

Via Lachlan, Jenn tells of the secret handshake. We all belong to a “secret” club of some sort — but few are brave enough to share it, especially when the hurt is so fresh.

But, to leave you on a sweet note:

Pratt gets some long-awaited closure.

On iTunes: Abigail, “Let the Joy Rise”

3 Responses to Holiday linkage

  1. Anonymous :

    Hey Dawn,
    Nice link collection here. I know you know how to look up who wrote this…thus thy anonymity.

    I hope your holidays are going well.


  2. Anonymous :

    Hey Dawn! Happy New Year! May all the good things you’ve worked so hard for come your way.



  3. Anonymous :

    Thanks for the linky love. Hope you had a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year!