D.C. math

OK, here’s a brain-buster.

I got onto I-395 northbound at Exit 5 today. I traveled to Exit 8, a distance of two miles MAYBE. Between those three exits, eight songs played on the CD player (and I played Song 8 three times, for a total of 10 songs altogether).

No, silly, I’m not going to ask you how long it took me to travel two miles. But I AM going to ask you exactly how much Xanax it could possibly take to ease the throbbing vein in my forehead.

That, and how do I un-dent my forehead after banging it against the steering wheel 300 times between Alexandria and Arlington?

On iTunes: Garbage, “It’s All Over But the Crying”

8 Responses to D.C. math

  1. Dave Tepper :

    See, you need to get some cigarette-lighter-powered toys for your car. Much better than Xanax.

  2. Tiff :

    I sat in that traffic this morning too. I wanted to shoot myself.

  3. karmajenn :

    Ah, yes…I remember that commute well. And I remember it every time I want to complain about traffic up here in Amish Country. I think Xanax should be sold in the glove compartment of every car in Metro DC.

  4. Dawn :

    *I think Xanax should be sold in the glove compartment of every car in Metro DC.*

    Especially if you are a Virginian who is forced to drive amongst Maryland’s dumbest. Sweet Jesus, I thought I was gonna get kilt at lunch today!

  5. Bayou :

    Maybe a few drinks will ease the need for xanax! (But Tepper’s suggestion was certainly a good one too.)

    Have fun tonight..wish I could be there too!

  6. A.McSholty :

    Sweet Jeebus I sat in my own NEIGHBORHOOD for 30 friggin minutes this morning. Gah! Pass the thorazine Big Gulp please.

  7. kukini :

    Whew…and this is one BIG reason why I just will never apply for work anywhere near DC.

  8. Pratt :

    can you attach a morphine drip to the dashboard somehow? poor dawn…