More about moi …

… thanks to Sherri and Reader Poll Monday!

1. What is your favorite street/fair/festival food?
I used to love the Three Rivers Arts Festival, which has been pared down from three weeks of rotating, breathtaking displays of artistry (I was always mystified by the glassworks) to a weekend of fingerpaintings done by kindergartners. In any event, I used to get crepes filled with bananas and a sauce that was based on Captain Morgan’s. I have never seen that anywhere else.

2. Have you ever gone to a single-food-specific event (such as a tomato festival or a pumpkin festival)?
Again, going back to Pittsburgh, you could always find me at Italian events (trying to find a date, no doubt!). And there was this rinky-dink festival in my rinky-dink hometown — the International Village Festival. (I. Hate. McKeesport. HATE.) But the Village was cool because all the various nationalities in the area could showcase their cuisine. I have had better latkes, of course, but the honey balls (Greek) were worth the aggravation of running into classmates I hated during my summer vacation!

3. What was the highlight of your weekend?
Talking to Lachlan. The highlight of my week will be meeting her!

4. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you recently?
I don’t embarrass easily. Really. Try me!

5. You have 3 weeks to travel cross-country. Where do you go and how do you get there?
I travel by plane. I like speed — I swear, if I could put jet fuel in my Sunfire (although, some may argue that I already do. …), I’d be a happier person!

I could go just about anywhere. Ship my ass off to the West Coast and let me live at half-speed for awhile — I’d be happy! Although it’s rough to go from the lazy days on the Left Coast to the utter insanity that comes with being an East Coaster. 🙁

6. Which PEANUTS character are you most like?

7. Would you rather have poison ivy or a blistery sunburn?
Sunburn, I guess. I’m kind of accustomed to frying after 30 seconds of sun exposure!

8. When you travel, are you a light packer or do you take everything but the kitchen sink?
I went away for three weeks last fall, and not only did I NOT repeat an outfit, I had about 10 outfits I didn’t even TOUCH! And don’t get me started on the shoes and belts I forgot about. …

9. Are you planning to attend any concerts this summer? Which ones?
The “American Idol” tour. Heh. Just kidding. No plans — I might catch a B-rate act at Wolftrap, though, if anything seems interesting.

10. Ask me a question. 🙂
How’s that new iSight workin’ out for ya?

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5 Responses to More about moi …

  1. Tiffany :

    I know what the most embarrasing thing recently was… when you told me, I laughed at your expense.

  2. Dawn :

    LOL. That came to mind. 😉 But has it stopped me from doing it AGAIN?!?! At this point, let’s write it off as habit!

  3. Erica :

    Talking to Lachlan.

    I heard about that from Dave. I’m beyond jealous (despite the sad circumstances which bring her to your fair city). Y’all have a drink for me.

  4. Pratt :

    But ..but…Lucy is known as a fussbudget!

  5. Sherri :

    I’m loving the new iSight. But since no one else I know has a camera, if feels kinda weird to know that someone can see me and I can’t see them. And i don’t like the way I look on camera. 🙂