I have been thinking about going incognito again, and I think I found the perfect domain name. On the other hand, having a blog attached to my real name does serve to keep me in check (well, sort of!). Just keep that in mind if you ever come here and I’m AWOL … it will just mean that I am somewhere else.

Why I say this today is because, well, I’m feeling a bit … um, distracted. I spent five months worrying about money. And not to say that I still don’t lose sleep over the lack thereof, well, I’m starting to breathe again and can fit other things into my head, too. And today, well, it’s Friday night and I’m all dressed up with no one to do nowhere to go. And for some reason, it’s affecting me and the imagination has kind of gone on an open-ended field trip.

And THAT, my friends, is all the detail I will be giving out tonight!

See why I need to move the damn blog? 😉

On iTunes: Janet Jackson, “Throb”

One Lonely Response to Bothered

  1. apollonaire :

    Girl, be careful!
    I read an article on yahoo last night about people who got fired b/c of their blogs…..

    Just make sure you don’t access it at work….