All the world’s a stage

The song from “Reality Bites,” “I’m Nuthin'” “Story of Our Lives” comes to mind, but alas, this is the soundtrack of my life:

Your Life: The Soundtrack

Created by aiko and taken 26366 times on bzoink!

Opening credits BT, “Somnambulist”
Waking up Seven Mary Three, “Wait”
Average day Sheilla Nicholls, “Question”
First date Ivy, “Let’s Go to Bed”
Falling in love Bic Runga, “Sway”
Love scene SWV, “All Night Long”
Fight scene Ani DiFranco, “Gravel”
Breaking up Melissa Ferrick, “Some Kind of Nerve”
Getting back together Bonnie Raitt, “Dimming of the Day”
Secret love Melissa Etheridge, “The Weakness in Me”
Life’s okay Sarah McLachlan, “Elsewhere”
Mental breakdown Beth Hart, “L.A. Song”
Driving Joni Mitchell, “Case of You”
Learning a lesson Cyndi Lauper, “Eventually”
Deep thought Alanis Morrissette, “No Pressure Over Cappuccino”
Flashback Black Lab, “Time Ago”
Partying Shannon, “Give Me Tonight (Jonathan Peters Factory Mix)”
Happy dance Staind, “So Far Away”
Regretting Everything But The Girl, “Single (Brad Wood Memphis Remix)”
Long night alone Bon Jovi, “Open All Night”
Death scene Fisher, “I Will Love You”
Closing credits The Calling, “Our Lives”

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3 Responses to All the world’s a stage

  1. BillSaysThis :

    There’s no Springsteen! You could use “All That Heaven Will Allow” for falling in love, “Growin’ Up” for waking up, “Born to Run” for driving, “The Rising” for death scene.

  2. Dawn :

    You know, I had “Thunder Road” originally listed under driving music, but then I realized that Nicole Kidman was driving to “Case of You” in the movie “Practical Magic,” and somehow, that seemed to suit me better. I guess we know what the soundtrack of your life would look like, Bill, and I’d go see your movie anytime! 😉

  3. BillSaysThis :

    LOL, if my life were movie-worthy I’d have sold the screenplay already. Some people are better critics.