I just need to bitch.

I love Apple and always will (until the day comes that Windows doesn’t suck. Which will be never and, thus, I resort to my earlier statement).

So I broke down today and bought myself an early birthday present — Tiger. Yay, right? Wrong. Guess whose G4 somehow does not come with a DVD player. The hell? My pathetic iMac that I got back in 1998 had a DVD player! Does the more expensive/advanced hardware not come with the good stuff?

So, now, I get to mail back the package to Apple with $10 so that I can get CDs instead of the Install DVD. I’ve been all over the Internet seeing if I can get a DVD player, but no such luck — just updates that can only be used if the Tiger system is already running.

Happy fucking birthday week to me. Considering that I don’t even own a regular DVD player (because my TV was incompatible with the one I had, so I gave it away), I should have just bought a fucking television like I had been planning to do in the first place.

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One Lonely Response to Kvetch

  1. Anonymous :

    Aaurgh! That sounds like my first experience with DVD’s. We waited until the players came way down in price before buying one. Of course, the TV wasn’t compatible, and the early cheapie players weren’t self-contained units, so I had to buy a controller and cables. Bottom line, my discount DVD player cost almost as much as buying a regularly priced one, and I have an extra box to deal with.