A pain in the glass ass

If it isn’t one thing with my kitchen, then it’s another.

Let’s see: in the last year, we’ve had one major natural-disaster-related power outage (seven days), one fridge that died (and even though I told management it was dying, they waited till AFTER it died to replace it (four days), and now, tonight, I have been instructed (as have all residents) to remove every single item from every kitchen and bathroom cabinet for bug spraying tomorrow.

So, unless the neighbors want me doing this at 3 a.m., I’m doing it now. Which means that all of my glassware, silverware, cookware, etc. are all on the dining room floor for cats to wipe their fudge-striped asses upon. Oh, the joy and rapture of it all.

I haven’t gone food-shopping in months, but last week, I finally broke down and bought some food. Nothing spectacular — in fact, mostly canned and dry shit that IS IN THE FUCKING CABINETS. Alas, I shoved it all in the fridge. Believe me, it wasn’t a whole lot, but still, seeing my wine glasses, beer glassses, margarita glasses, and regular juice and iced tea glasses on the floor is making me insane.

Even more appallingly is that there is DUST all over my cookware and appliances that I keep in my cabinets! Shows how little I cook, huh? 😉 Shit. I mean, I was planning to re-wash all six million pieces of glass that are adorning my floor anyway, but it’s really sad how little interest I have shown in being a home wrecker maker. Of course, for as BAD as Kadi is, I am certain I will have fared better by just throwing the cranberry cookware against the wall and seeing what survives!

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5 Responses to A pain in the glass ass

  1. EatShiz :

    The joys of apartment living…noisy ass neighbors and constant aggravation from management. Although cockroaches can be a nuisance, too. 😉

  2. Frostbrn :

    Wow, as I work in the property management industry, that is some really crappy treatment. If you ask me, they should have hired people to prep all of the apartments for spraying

  3. ms7168 :

    I used to always hang a sign on my door that said “DO NOT SPRAY”.

    Unless you need them to. I never had a problem with bugs (Thank God).

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