Was it me. …

Or was “American Idol” ridiculously painful for the finalist rounds? Sheesh. I loved Carrie Underwood. She got my votes — it was that sweet country tone powered by some killer pipes that made her performance look effortless.

I was expecting big things from Mikalah (and I really didn’t like her performance. Or maybe it was that nasal voice she put on for the night). And Celena’s treatment of Lara Fabian’s “I Will Love Again” was unforgivable. The rest of the names/faces kind of blended together, but people should be banned from singing Whitney, Celine and all other big-voice stars because it will invariably SUCK.

I spent the show lusting after Bo and Constantine in the “dawg pound.” I think it’s stupid to eliminate based on gender, which is what they’re doing this year, until they get their final 12, I think. The boys really “can blow” this year, as Randy Jackson says. Umm hmm. I think he needs a new metaphor to say they can sing. 😉 I’m sure, however, most of those girls had to blow SOMEONE to get that far!

On iTunes: Lara Fabian, “I Will Love Again”

3 Responses to Was it me. …

  1. A.McSholty :

    Carrie Underwood was amazing. I’m not much of a country fan despite having spent three years in NashVegas but of the lot she’s the best. And ditto on Bo. Tends to make one all tingly and what not. Hee!

    Seriously, must get over this flu I’m spending WAY too much time in front of the tube.

  2. Suburban Island :

    It really is like American Idol fever once the season starts. I can finally understand the Monday night football thing. Thanks for your note about mom-made sandwiches versus kid-made sandwiches. I never thought of it that way. Hugs to you, Dawn!

  3. Serenity :

    I completely agree about Carrie Underwood — though I also really liked Nadia, the pretty girl with the huuuge afro — she was great I thought.

    I couldn’t believe the people who were voted off the first round — ridiculous!!! Especially with the girls — there were several who should be gone now, if the show were based on true talent and not phone calls.