Hashtag Life Is Good

2021 just couldn’t leave quietly.

Losing Betty White today, for me, is just like when we lost Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

As long as RBG was alive, the world was going to be OK. But when RBG died too soon, TFG found a piece of human excrement with which to spackle the Supreme Court. And we will be paying for that mistake for the rest of our lives.

As long as Betty was alive and well, it felt like the universe was still on course. Things couldn’t be all bad when there was a world with this sweet, wonderful soul.

Well, shit.

I told Mom I would write off this year as a waste, but I can’t. Mom is still here, my sickest kitty is doing better, I got my old job back, and I even got a Disney Wedding out of the deal.

Hashtag Life Is Good.

In any event, what I really wanted to write about today, before Betty had to go and leave us, was about one of my sisters. (Both have the same name. Both share varying degrees of blood with me.)

I looked up the half-sister today.

Mom kept saying that she felt like our biodad died. But it’s her MOM who passed.

And my sister, who has normally seemed cold as her ice-blue eyes, posted wonderful photos and tributes. My heart goes out to her.

Also, this normally private girl has since posted dozens of photos. All of which I flipped through with curiosity. I wanted to see ol what’s his name.

There was not one photo of our father. It’s like she only had a mom and brother. Even her mother’s obituary showed that she went back to her maiden name.

The obituary was wonderful, too. And all the comments. She sounded a lot like my momma and grandma and great-grandma. Eager to feed anyone. Always room at the table for friends and strangers.

[The women in my family would pull the “plenty of food” line while not actually eating so that there would be enough for everyone else. I didn’t learn that till a lot later in life. I just always thought they were on diets. Nope, they just ate enough to get by. God bless them.]

In any event, this woman who passed — she HAD to have known about me. Did her kids?

I wondered if she ever encouraged dipshit to reach out to me. (He didn’t.) I assumed she was probably grateful that she didn’t have to deal with the previous mess he made.

Perhaps both things can be true.

I’ve noticed that our father’s mother tries to comment on my sister’s wall. She barely likes any of the posts. And she doesn’t touch the grandmother’s wall, where g’ma seems to be all about her own daughter, and her daughter’s kids.

Never a mention of her son. It’s like he doesn’t exist to any of them.

Anyway, it has to be hard for my half-blood siblings, having their first Christmas without their momma. And clearly no father worth speaking of.

Lucky for them, they’ve gone on to have families of their own. They don’t have extended family, but they don’t really seem to need it, either.

Isn’t it funny, though, how we’re all going through stuff … and we could all go through it together, if we so chose.

But we don’t.

Sure, life is good. But isn’t it really funny how we all know how to make it better … and who could make it better … but we simply choose not to, and choose not to engage with those people who could make the sucky stuff suck less.

I had a New Year’s intention in mind before today. But I think I will resolve to live like Betty.

I mean, if you live to 99 and leave everyone wanting more … you did something right. Tonight the world is toasting her for all the smiles she gave us. Not one person (in their right mind, anyway) is happy she’s gone.

Perhaps everyone lurking here — folx gone from my life, so who knows why they want to attach to me like a poltergeist — should consider adopting the same resolution.

After all, resolving to be “as awesome as last year” is a low bar.

Be like Betty White, not like Betty Broderick. Ya cunt.

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