The ABCs of Dawn

We need a little bit of fun around here. 🙂 This meme has been whored with screaming orgasmic ecstasy from Tiff.

A – Act your age? Yes and no. I refuse to be “30” in the sense that I would have to dress like an adult. I will always be in miniskirts and trendy tops and funky jewelry, as long as I can get away with it. The thing is, people with whom I went to high school are on their second or third spouse/child by now, while others are barflies. I might someday like to have the whole familial unit thing going (or at least a regular sex partner — the idea of taking romantic weekenders to Europe sure beats changing diapers!). But I hate bars and singles events and stuff. I’d rather go out to dinner and dancing and have a night that doesn’t involve four hours dedicated to finding parking at four different establishments.

B – Born on what day of the week? Friday, May 25, 1974. Anyway, Mom says it was a Friday. She went into labor when she was watching a movie, and I popped out Saturday morning at, get this, dawn.

C – Chore you hate? Litter patrol. Maddie refuses to cover up her shit so the apartment stinks. Then she wipes her furry butt on the floor. And now Kadi has learned to do it, too. So not only am I constantly sanitizing the litterbox, I am also cleaning the fucking carpets.

D – Dad’s name? Fucking Worthless Piece of Shit.

E- Essential makeup item? Foundation. Eyeliner. Mascara. Eyeshadow. Tweezers. Lipstick. Blush. Almay Bright Eyes. Don’t make me choose!

F – Favorite actor? Johnny Depp. That’s one sexy mothafucka. *drool*

G – Gold or silver? Always silver.

H – Hometown? Scenic White Oak, Pa., just south of Pittsburgh. Born in West Mifflin, moved to McKeesport, then to White Oak, then to Pittsburgh, where I rented places in Shadyside, Bloomfield, Highland Park and Mt. Washington. The latter being my favorite. Also lived in the dorms in Downtown (better known as “Dahntahn”).

I – Instruments you play? Used to play violin and viola. My middle school didn’t have enough kids in orchestra, so I got nominated to join. But for the life of me, I couldn’t read music. So I would hear the music and mirror the girl across from me before I could play it back … and that worked, surprisingly.

J – Job title? Corporate Chew Toy. But it’s “Editor-in-Chief” on the business cards.

K – Kids? My children are two ridiculously adorable felines named Maddie (age 8) and Kadi (age 1).

L – Living arrangements? A lovely one-bedroom with a balcony in Alexandria.

M – Mom’s name? Robin. I also have a cousin named Robyn, who was named in honor of my mom.

N – Need… To grow a set and turn my life around in my favor. To get a new job, get healthy physically and get laid on a more regular basis!

O – Overnight hospital stays? One week in hell INOVA Alexandria. Fucking death-trap.

P – Phobias? Heights. Love being up high and seeing a gorgeous view, but I threw myself down some steps as a kid and broke my wrist (see X-Rays, below), so I get terrified of stepping onto an escalator and looking down.

Q – Quote you like? “There are so many selves in everybody, and to explore and exploit just one is wrong, dead wrong, for the creative process.” — James Dickey

R – Religious affiliation? I guess it would be Pagan. I don’t know — I’m spiritual and attuned to the universe, but I tend to run screaming from organized religion.

S – Siblings? No biological ones. I have a half-sister and -brother somewhere. But I always refer to my friend Shannon as my sister.

T – Time you wake up? The alarm goes off at 6:35. So around 8:10 a.m., I get out of bed. On an early day.

U – Unique talent? For pulling myself out of horrible situations. I just have to be ready, then it’s full steam ahead.

V – Vegetable you refuse to eat? I remember something called wax beans. Ugh. Just as bad as lima beans. Nasty.

W – Worst habit? I have to finish the food on my plate. My ex-stepfather used to beat the shit out of me if I didn’t finish my vegetables or my dinner or whatever (when Mom wasn’t looking; I never told her until after she left him). Now it’s like I can’t have half a container of ice cream in the freezer — I must consume it all!

X – X-rays you’ve had? Quite a few. Broke my wrist when I was one and a half years old. Then I had a shitload of sonograms when I was trying to convince the hospital that I had appendicitis last year at this time. They didn’t believe me. The organ turned to gangrene in the meantime. Yeah, I’ve had my innards examined on camera a lot!

Y – Yummy food you make? I am best known for my party appetizers, but what keeps people talking is my alcoholic apricot slush.

Z – Zodiac Sign? Pure Gemini.

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