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So today is performance review day (not mine, thank god. I’m writing them for my staff.) Demure!TM called to tell me, in not so many words, that my review of Angie doesn’t mean crap. Apparently she is hoping to just give her a better salary in line with some salary survey that the mcmanagement got their hot little hands on. And no matter how I rate her performance (which will be decent), we have to pick a percentage number out of the air, but I have been told to go beyond the up-to3-percent that the rest of us are working with.

Shit, at that rate, the way Demure!TM hates me, I’ll end up OWING them money for the negative percentage I’m sure to get!

Anyway, about the salary survey, I was FURIOUS! I reminded her that they paid me less than than she’s getting when I was in that position myself; furthermore, I’ve seen no compensation for holding the department together when the previous editor left, not to mention that my salary is about half of what it is supposed to be (per the salary survey I brought in when I earned my recent job).

Not to mention, we were careful to keep her salary at a safe distance behind mine because mine is so low for the skills I have and duties I perform. I don’t hear anything about adjusting MY salary!

What did I do to constantly be overlooked? I feel like I am bound and gagged and held prisoner in somebody’s trunk when I’m here. I told my boss to skip giving me a review and just send me a check for my aggravation. 🙂

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