Temporary insanity

After five — count them, five! muahahahaha (remember The Count on “Sesame Street”? I’m having flashbacks — hours at the INS … er, DMV … and $81 later, I went out to the parking lot to find a flat tire.

Oh, and I had to pay to get my license reissued, because they had listed me a a male. I told them look, you’re gonna have to take my word for it, but I’m all girl. So they charged me for it. When I argued, the chick said, “Well, you should’ve come in and gotten it changed sooner; it would have been free within one week of the mistake being made.” At said point, I had been there 4.5 hours, so let’s just say I look like HELL in my picture — seventh layer of Dante’s Inferno hell, I tell you!!!

Gotta run … hopefully the flat tire is fixed. I just asked them to put my new Virginia plates on the car as well. What the hell, right? I’m already broke, and knowing me, the plates would sit in my trunk for another eight months anyway if I didn’t ask someone to lend a sister a hand.

Please tell me things are going to get better soon!!!

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