Somewhere over the ocean

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I could tell you how the movers came two hours late, and ran three hours over budget. And I could say how I wasn’t sure I was getting the keys to mom’s place until after we had brought the truck to my new place.

And I could flip the fuck out that the price we’d discussed for her place isn’t “exactly’ what I had in mind. For that matter, nor was the moving cost.

I could also tell you about the torrential downpour that thwarted the move. And how the electricity kept flickering off as we jammed boxes and furniture into the too-tiny elevators.

I could mention that my couch didn’t fit in the elevators and my movers had to drag it up seven very-narrow flights of stairs. I could also mention that another person was moving in at the same time I was, and I got hit on by their movers.

I could also tell you that I parted with my phone number and he’s already called, but you already know what a shameless hussy I am. 😉

But what I WILL tell you is that after my bank account got drained, my soul got deflated and my will got broken, Mom and I stood on my balcony after the rain and saw this GORGEOUS double rainbow.

I thought of my little Maddie, whose ashes I had in the front seat as I drove here and whose happy purr has been the only thing I’ve lived for, for the past 13 years. And I thought of the Rainbow Bridge, where our pets are supposedly waiting for us to join them once again.

And it’s going to be so very hard to do all of this, and handle everything in my life that I have to handle. But whether this was Maddie’s way or God’s way or the universe’s way of telling me that I’m meant to be here and that I’m going to turn out OK, I finally got the feeling that, sure, it’s gonna be so hard. But that maybe, just maybe, I’ve got something new to keep living and working for. …

One Lonely Response to Tattered

  1. Floral Josephine Pizarro :

    I am sure that Maddie is waiting for you. Moving day is always harsh, at least you got the day over for. You have a great future to look forward to.