You know I’m in a state when I’m busting out the Jesus music.

“In my heart, in my soul, Lord I give you control
Consume me from the inside out Lord
Let justice and praise become my embrace
To love You from the inside out”

— Hillsong, “From the Inside Out”

The fine folks from Hillsong are actually coming all the way from Australia to my church this weekend. The church I have attended all of six times in the past three months. I hope to have recovered from my move (Saturday!) enough to attend.

I called Comcast to confirm that they were installing my Internet on my moving day. Of course there’s no record of my two orders (basic cable for Mom, too) so not only did I have to go through THAT song and dance again, but they can’t come out for another week.

I’m splitting my workweek between home and Fort Lauderdale for the rest of this week and all of next. No Internet is ever-so-convenient. *headslam*

In other headlines, I found my beloved Pittsburgh tradition of Primanti’s in Lauderdale today. Goodbye, non-meat-eating … if I’m gonna continue fucking up the non-diet that I’ve been neglecting since June, gotta get the pastrami, yo. Mmmmm, so good. … ;9

The bad news? I was nomming on a yummy french fry when A TOOTH CAME OUT.

Isn’t 35 a little too old (young) to be losing teeth?

Genius here didn’t get a crown put on a root canal, so the packing plus the post holding it up came out. Because that’s just my luck. The remaining real tooth broke around it, so that was one delicious delicacy today. The taste of blood: not so hot. Blah.

House is still not fully packed. I’ll stay up all night tomorrow to get it together. I hadn’t unpacked much in the first place, so it’s last-minute kitchen stuff and glass tables and stuff I have to pad. I’m thinking my entertainment center won’t survive this move, so that eliminates a ton of glass right there. Woo.

I still haven’t signed Mom’s lease. I have to be present or have it notarized. Because I have copious amounts of time with which to do that. Looks like I’ll be signing it and moving in at the same time. She could stay here, which is paid for, for another month. But then that means paying for another round of movers.

And that’s time and effort I just don’t have. My mental capital is running lower than my financial capital.

I’m just spewing all the crap here so I can get it out of my system and forget about it. Which I probably won’t forget about it, but I’m at capacity for crap right now. Would that be crapacity? 🙂

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