Talkin’ ’bout freedom

After digesting my last post for the past few hours, I realized something. Those big dreams I had — the ones I thought were SO out-of-reach and out of my league? Weren’t anywhere near big or dynamic enough for me. They were lucky to find their way into my head, but it’s time to clear the clutter.

That’s the terrific thing about my “happy place” — it expands to accommodate whatever I want to put into it. And perhaps it’s been a little too small and cozy till this very moment. Fuck it, if I’m dreaming, I’m doing it in a goddamned palace!

Don’t settle for only what the world gives you, friends. Ask for more. FIGHT for more. I’m finding that the one who wants it more than the other, gets it. But first, you have to define it or else you’ll spend all your energy going in a million directions (i.e., like me) and won’t have enough steam to achieve anything significant.

It’s time to focus. And focus elsewhere, in many cases.

God, I feel so free for the first time in a long time. *breaks mental shackles*

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