Bitchy and Scratchy

I’ve been fighting a backache for three days (sitting for X amount of hours on end in a non-ergonomic chair probably contributed), so I’m bitchy. And ouchie. And misery-filled. And “cwabbers,” as my niece says when she’s crabby.

My colleague has some sort of poison ivy/oak/sumac/who the hell knows. She called yesterday to say she had to work from home because she was puffy and itchy and twitchy. And I’m like, yeah, that’s how I get on Wednesdays (my supposed “power day” as a Gemini but it’s really nowhere close), and I have to come in, so no staying home for you!

Anyway, we’ve become known as “The Bitchy and Scratchy Show.” Something tells me these monikers are going to stick around for a LONG time after this week passes. …

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