Today’s Gemini horoscope:

“You’re filled with positive energy, and your powers of persuasion are heightened to an insane degree. You might even be able to convince yourself of something you really want to believe!”

I live in the land of Denial, so convincing myself of what I want to be true isn’t a stretch. In fact, I’m smiling at everyone who’s there in the land of make-believe with me, who thinks these projects on my desk are going to come together soon, too. *waves*

Actually, life is all about mind over matter. And it is slowly pulling me into reality, one agonizing step at a time, making me deal with lots of stuff I thought I could avoid if I pretended it didn’t exist. Some good, some bad, some I didn’t think was even worth the effort of dealing with in the first place.

In any event, the horoscope means something to me in that things I actually did try to deny, things that could be good or maybe even blow up in my face, are starting to show on my face. And I’m not sure if hiding them is, or will always be, the right way to handle them. But for now, it’s the only way I know.

On the other hand, I couldn’t lie or hide something to save my life, so at least if whatever it is escapes my tight little grasp, there will be resolution one way or another. Perhaps this is where I try to believe in the ending I want rather than the one I expect after all. …

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