‘I’m bouncing off the walls again’

So I’ve been needing a new coffeemaker for, like, for-ev-ah. So this weekend, I broke down and bought the red Senseo because, well, it’s red.

I know. My logic? Impeccably convoluted, but always justifiable in my mind.

I’m not sure I’m thrilled with my new bundle o’ java joy. First of all, there are two buttons for it — one for a four-ounce cup of coffee (I could snort that, people. Seriously) and another for an eight-ounce mug. But anytime I fill the water tank to eight ounces, and then hit the button for the, oh, eight-ounce brew, it only heats/uses four ounces. Not getting this.

But I do have to admit that, once every six cups, it will give me a full mug, so it’s moodier than I am. Perhaps I need to stick a Midol in the pod-holder every few cycles to get it in the mood to function again? 😉 You can buy a bigger tank but really, what’s the point?

The expense of buying those stupid pods isn’t something I thought through completely. My yuppie grocery store charges $4.69 for a bag of 16 pods. Which is cheaper than going to Starbucks for a venti dulce de leche latte, so I can’t really complain. But the selection blows.

I was shopping on the Senseo site because I really wanted the Hazelnut Waltz, but you can’t just buy a 16-pack. Oh, no, you have to buy 96 of them for $30. (Or you do the subscription plan for $3 cheaper, but I don’t see the flavored-java option for the auto-ship method.)

This works out, price-wise, but resisting temptation isn’t one of my strong points — I snarf down 96 cups of coffee in a month — especially if the machine keeps pissing out these teeny four-ounce cups at every turn!

I’m also admiring the Irish Creamery flavor, too, as no store seems to carry that, either. I got a sample of the Hazelnut and loved it, but the Irish one is untested at this point. I did try the Vanilla, which is available everywhere, and didn’t go ga-ga over it.

I’d heard reviews that the water never got hot enough with this coffeemaker. I have no complaints about that — the thing is perfect, even if I do have to trip over the cats wander into the kitchen twice as often to get as much brew as I need to be functional before I leave the house.

Now if this isn’t the most boring blog entry ever, clearly I didn’t slack try hard enough. 😉

2 Responses to ‘I’m bouncing off the walls again’

  1. Sabre :

    I *heart* my Senseo. Jeff gave me one for xmoose, and it’s parked on my dresser in my bedroom. Hey, I’m not walking all the way down the damn stairs just for my morning cuppa happy! Yes, I am -that- lazy.

    Odd that the double cup (oh yeah, cuz that’s double, uh huh… whatevs) only pours a single for you, I have an 8oz cup every morning while attempting to clear the cobwebs out of my eyes. Have you tried adding extra water instead of just going to the line? Also, the cappuccino pods only do 4oz at a time, which bites monkey balls. Other than that, it’s made me a very happy Sabre.

    Oh, btw, have you noticed that the pods here at work look like they’d fit? Not that I’d liberate any of the raspberry mind you. Heavens no, not me.

  2. The Goddess :

    OMG, we are always out of that glorious raspberry brew. Dang it. 🙂 I’d like to see if the pods at work fit — it can’t be any more expensive to buy that brand in lieu of Senseo not having a great selection.

    And sure as shit, after all my bitching, I finally got an 8-oz. mug today!

    I bought the capuccino pods. Delightful. Orgasmic, even!