The word was out of my mouth before I realized my habit of creating my own vocabulary to fit situations. Look out, Merriam-Webster! I anticipate this will make it into the dictionary before “shock and awe” does. Or should it be “stuporvisor”?

My stupervisor is mad at me for missing our regulary scheduled stupervisory meeting. I had an exhaustive conference call at 10, and my stupervisory meeting is a standing date for 11 a.m. But we never meet at 11. I have to wait till she’s ready, which usually entails me running down the hall about 10 times till I get good and pissed, checking with her never-busy secretary to see when our meeting is supposed to start. Eventually, Demure hunts me down and tells me to come to her office — usually around 11:40.

I’m always busy, but today I’m swamped. Hella swamped. So today, I left my door open and didn’t bother wandering down there. Around 11:45, I sent an update e-mail, telling her essentially in what position my underwear was lodged, it was so detailed. She zipped back a snarky response, and I quote, “I would have appreciated an e-mail or a phone call or a quick drop in to say — May I send you an update, I need to use this meeting time to work on the paper.”

Fuck you. Fuck you, you crotchety woman who has nothing better to do than to chastise me for getting caught up in doing my job instead of cowtowing to her for a useless meeting. Honestly, my e-mail said all I needed to say, and it didn’t require more than 90 seconds of my time. Meetings with her run the gamut from 60 to 90 minutes, at which time I am more glazed than a Krispy Kreme fresh out of the oven. And I always end the meetings. Always. She could just keep me in there forever, if she could. Damn, am I that lovable? At any rate, I refrained from saying all of this, in favor for saying that I just realized what time it was, so sorry that it wasn’t in person, but here’s the status quo. So, in effect, I did not hide or run away — I just chose not to be locked into her den of inequity for an hour when I could have been working (and blogging!).

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