Dipshits Anonymous

Hi, I’m Dawn, and I work for Dipshits.

*hi Dawn!*

Okay, I told you the story that I assigned an article to Scott, only for us to later learn that it was being written by someone else (um, why wouldn’t anyone tell me, the editor who would be receiving it?). Frustrating, but it gets worse.

I called said outside writer today to remind her that tomorrow at close of business is my editorial deadline. Nervous Norman had not told her that it was tomorrow, but it should be no problem for me to receive it then. She proudly said, “It’s under 900 words, as promised.” I said huh? and said that it would be acceptable up to 1,500 words. It was her turn to say, huh? and wonder aloud why she had been instructed to write such a tight article when she could have used double the words. I said that’s the way around here — the chain of communication is like a maypole, so in the future, please stick to 1,500 words and call first if she needs to exceed that.

There. Done. Problem solved for a future issue. Why don’t these dildos just let me do my job in the first place?!?!

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