Short stack

Inspired by Erica’s memory of the first penis she saw, I remembered when I first lay eyes on a real one.

I was a freshman in high school, and I’d gone to my local Carnegie Library branch. (Yeah, that was back when we actually had to go hang out all day in a room full of dusty books when we had to do research — how old this makes me feel now!) I was doing some research on journalism careers (amazing that I would end up as one!), and I saw movement over some books in the next aisle. Sure enough, there was some greasy old dude stroking himself, watching me. It took me a few seconds to figure out what exactly he was doing, but duh, I was slow but not stupid. Ick. I ran out of the stacks and found some other people to hang around. Shortly afterward, skeevy guy came out of the stacks, and from then on, I went to a different library. I never did tell anyone what happened that day, and I feel dirty even remembering it.


On iTunes: 20 Fingers, “Short Dick Man”

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