Here’s your meeting: my foot up your ass!

Just because I can juggle a lot of balls in the air at the same time doesn’t make me a trained seal.


Told Demure!TM (via e-mail, which she hates) I am too busy to meet today. Because, oh, I am. She chose not to acknowledge my e-mail, instead disturbing me in-person to tell me that she already had another meeting scheduled during our time slot so SHE is the one who can’t meet with ME.

Um, OK. Think she would’a told me that in advance, in the (odd) event I might have actually needed to meet with her? But I digress — she always has to one-up me, to show that it’s she who’s too busy for me. Yeah, whatever. Not the first time, not the last. But in any event, she insisted I need to find time to meet with her. Why? Isn’t my job to produce a magazine? Doesn’t the magazine go to press this week? Didn’t she get the paper proof yesterday? Doesn’t she realize that with Angie out sick all week, I am doing double-time to make miracles occur?

Like Ted says, just because murder is illegal doesn’t mean some people don’t just need killin’.

On iTunes: Tori Amos, “Silent All These Years”

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