‘SATC’ wrap-up

Good episode tonight. Mikey and Shawn came over here to watch our girls in action, after Shawn cooked us a gourmet, carb-laden dinner at his place. We sat amid the bunch of boxes I attempted to pack today, and even Maddie came out and was friendly to her deadbeat Daddy.

I, of course, am most intrigued by Miranda and Steve’s bizarre entanglement. After finding his condoms in the diaper bag, she was treated to a litany of stories about his new girlfriend, Debbie. I’ve never known anybody by that name whom I’ve really liked, and even though we’ve not yet met this character (and hopefully never will), I want to crush her with a speeding Metro. We don’t know if Miranda and Steve really are right for each other, but this Debbie chick is grating on Miranda’s nerves, and ours as well. But in witty SATC-style, the baby started chewing on the condom wrappers — to the horror of the gals — and our beloved Samantha commented, “I’ve had plenty of those in my mouth — they’re perfectly safe.” Or something like that. We *~*heart*~* Samantha!

Samantha is still fucking the hot waiter from Raw. Only this episode, we actually learned his name. Like he needed to have a name. Sweet Jesus on a pogo stick, that boy is HOT!!! Who needs talking when you’ve got a long, blond-haired hottie between your thighs? 😉

Poor Carrie had to suffer sleepless nights from this ridiculous Sharper Image contraption that Berger’s ex Lauren had bought for him to sleep to — all kinds of froggy and birdy sounds made for fitful sleepovers for her. At least she got some good phone sex from Mr. Big when she (mercifully) went back to her own abode for a good night’s rest.

We almost cried when she finally decided she was serious about Berger and so decided to call Mr. Big to end the “friendly” late-night calls. He sat so forlornly in his hot tub (so retro!) after they hung up. *sigh* I suppose all of us girls have that one person who can light up our lives with just a simple “Hello” (or, “Remember that red dress you were wearing when. …”) from the other end of a telephone. *sigh again*

Although Carrie, too, knew that she was closing a very poignant chapter (more like a sequel) in her connection with Big, she recovered long enough to make a quick stop to Sharper Image to buy a new-and-improved sleeping-sounds machine, and the show closed on a happy, snuggly note of them falling asleep to ocean sounds, No. 4.


Charlotte continued her conversion to Judaism, after putting up an Xmas tree in July — her final tree. Harry told her that they could have a tree (in December, of course) — she doesn’t have to give up all of her traditions just to take on all of his. *swoon* But giving up some of the things that are important to her are leading her to more, and maybe even better, things in her — their — future.

I’m still rooting for Miranda to find her happiness. Steve is just irritating the shit out of her, with “Debbie this and Debbie that.” Fuck it, I hope she can move on and find someone else who can actually appreciate (and see) the love she so desperately wants to give but finds herself hiding behind snarky remarks. But as this is the last season of our adored show, I suspect that Steve will be hit with a flying anvil at some point. We’re predicting a wedding for Miranda and Charlotte in the season finale, and we also see a reappearance of Mr. Big for Carrie. And for Samantha, we know that the girl who will never commit will find herself a plethora of hot young waiters to keep fucking her silly into eternity. Aaaah, I love this show! 😉

Unrelated, I’ve been on Kitty Duty this weekend, taking care of Shan’s cats Kaioro (pronounced ‘Cairo’) and Kenya (yes, she dreams of faraway places). The boys are taking to me quite well, although I suspect it is because I am the keeper of the kitty chow. And I met a new kitty baby tonight, Chloe, who is a six-week old black cat with a white tummy and white paws. Too cute! I have many, many photos to share when I get into the Photoshopping mood. 🙂 Mikey is fostering Chloe until she’s ready to be adopted, in two weeks. Something tells me that I am going to want to be the lucky adopter. We’ll see, friends. We’ll see. 🙂

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