Fireworks, military men and booze = a happy Fourth indeed!

Well, I didn’t take any photos of the hot military men crawling Downtown D.C. last night, but I did get some nice fireworks shots. But da-aaa-aaamn, boys in uniform are reason enough to support your country. Trust me on this! 😉

Shawn and I went down to the Mall and strolled around the crappy Folk Life Festival last night. I say it sucked because there were a bunch of tents where people were preaching Christianity to anyone who would listen. Shawn and I are burning in hell together, so we skipped the bible studies and ate some ridiculously expensive foreign food. And other than the Mall smelling like B.O. and cow pies, we had a fabulous time.

After the show, we went to a bar in Adams Morgan. The place reminded me of being in Charleston, S.C. (without the pain and torture of being with Brat, who was withholding sex from me, the bastard!) — we sat in a bar with all the front windows open, and there was a table set in the floor-to-ceiling window area, so we took it. We faced the street and watched all of the HOT boys strolling by (mmmm, what WAS it about hot boys in blue shirts? We were creaming in our jeans!). There was this one boy (in a green shirt with blue stripes) who stood in front of our table and looked beyond our heads up at the bar — and all the while, he was lifting up his shirt and playing with his tummy. THEN, he started playing with his zipper. Ho-leee-fucking-SHIT! We had to leave right away so we could get to our respective homes and do a lil self-lovin’, in the boy’s honor.

Anyway, without further ado, here are our photos. Fireworks were shooting over the Washington Monument, and they’re a bit blurry ‘cuz of all the smoke generated. I did some cool stuff with a photo of us drinking at the bar, and then finally, well, the last photo will speak for itself. 😉 Enjoy!

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