Same old, same old

Librarian emailed to reschedule lunch for Tuesday. Joy and rapture. And she’s making such a production out of it, hemming and hawing about whether or not she’ll even be here on that day. Jesus Christ … who fucking cares? It’s taken nine emails and she’s the asshole who wanted to do this, not me. It’s like trying to schedule lunch with royalty, when it’s my schedule that’s more of a wild card, with errant interviews happening next week. Oy vey.

To relieve stress, SM and I hit the gym last nite (and it hit back!). We were there for two and a half hours, working out slowly but surely. We’re gonna go back today, but for maybe 45 minutes. We need to make more frequent, less lengthy visits, to keep the ol’ metabolisms up. Further, as it takes burning 3,000 calories to kill off a pound, well, I know I’ve got a boatload of work to do! 😉 But I love my little hunter-green hand towel … need to run home and get it out of the dryer at lunch. I fed Maddie enough for the whole day, which I didn’t do yesterday, but it’s cute how she will wait until I get home to ask for dinner; apparently she doesn’t ask Lab Rat for chow. Maddie just kinda rolled into my room last night, made some noise, and inched toward the kitchen. I know her routine … in six years, we’ve developed quite the rapport.

In other news, HRP and Program Directeur at Two Strikes are apparently going to Africa to start some sort of human services/child welfare system. Woo hoo! Here’s hoping for a touch of the West Nile virus to keep them from re-entering the country! lol. If that happens, Susan, tell F/OM that’s the only way I’d ever come back to that agency!!!

Oh, forgot to mention that I’m an aunt! (again!) IKEA Boy has a new Yorkie, named Jinx, who literally fits into the palm of my hand. He’s too cute! Makes me like dogs all that much more. Maybe Maddie would like a canine little brother. …

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