Paycheck, I hardly knew ye

Eight days till payday, and I’m broke. Perfect time to receive a $6,200 bill for my recent hospital stay. *sigh* Crappy insurance plan — even crack whores can get low-income health insurance that covers more than this. Fucking HMOs.

We were paroled early yesterday from work, as the power went out around 11 a.m. (of course, we didn’t get out till after 1 p.m., when a committee of the elder statesmen determined that, even if the power came on, it would probably go right back off. Blame it on the winds that were strong enough to carry Dorothy and Toto into Kansas. 🙂

This month, I’ve officially lost five working days. There were two days last week when we lacked Internet service (and I rely heavily upon e-mail), then we had the furlough day and Veteran’s day earlier this week. Then yesterday was a complete wash. I had power, for the most part, at home, but I can’t access the files on our work server from here, so I came home, got in my jammies and got a movie from On Demand.

So, I will work like a madwoman today. Hurrah. My editorial deadline is Tuesday, and my budget is due on the same day. Guess who has to work this weekend. *sigh* Why can’t the cats go out and make a living to support their mother?

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