Passion Party!

Okay, y’all missed a GREAT soiree last night (of course, because I always throw great parties!). But this was no ordinary party — it was a Passion Party, full of things that go buzz in the night, stimulate your tender bits and grease up the ol’ axels, so to speak. 🙂

I’m already two car payments behind, but I got myself a nice Jelly Osaki — a purple toy with a beaver-shaped “thumb” piece, complete with a little tongue. 😉 That was actually free for me, because sales were so good I could get a free toy, and there were only three of us making purchases! I did grab a vibrating shower toy and lots of lotiony-type items to make (the current) sex for one as much fun as possible. 🙂

I think I want to become a consultant, but I’m gonna need to grab a corner in D.C. if I plan to make the initial investment in a toybox to take to parties of my own. The problem is that I don’t really have female friends who would be able to host said parties — I am a fag hag, and most of the stuff was for beginners or the lightly experimental, so we figured that the lone butt plug would’ve gotten us laughed out of a boy party!

Our party consultant (who shall retain her anonymity on this site) did a great job and made sure we had lots of fun stuff to sample and play with (hence the easy sale of the Jelly Osaki!). I know my friends picked up some “bullets” — nice, silent and tiny pocket rockets that are perfect for slipping into your closet at work and giving yourself that extra lil “oomph” to get you through the day. I would’ve gotten one, but they take watch batteries, and I am the type who will go out and buy a new watch before getting around to replacing a watch battery. 🙂

I tried to plan the food accordingly, serving hot dogs and sausage balls and shrimp and other fine goodies. And I found awesome penis straws at Spencer’s, which we all enjoyed sipping from! Nobody took the Willy Pops, so that just means I will have them all to myself during the lonely time until my new toys arrive.

I was slightly bummed that I wasn’t shopping for toy use with a partner — these parties are very much aimed at the couple who wants to spice up their lives a bit. But that’s OK — I always know where to find more toys if ever the day (or partner) should come!

Anyway, it was the best non-birthday party I have ever had. 🙂 And it just goes to show that if you’v’e got to buy your own presents, you might as well buy the best. So while I’m sort of bummed about turning 30 27 on Tuesday, at least I’ll be ringing in the new decade year on an uplifting note!

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