Party? How the hell am I gonna be ready to throw a party?

So there’s a party at Chez Dawn tonight. I had a whole schedule of cleaning, shopping and cooking ready. Needless to say, I was called into work early and just got home, so there is no goddamned way this is going to work out. At least I’m among friends, so the house looks like shit and I don’t care. Hope the grill works, ’cause burgers and dogs are the way to go tonight!

I guess, in effect, this is how I’m ringing in my birthday. Yay. Another year kicked off with chaos, stress, disillusionment and nervous energy expended on mostly the wrong things. Hurrah.

I had something more intelligent to┬áblog about, but I’ll save that for tomorrow. Right now, I’m gonna jump in the shower, enjoy the soothing sounds of the langoliers cicadas and hope for the best.

All I have to say is that I had decided, with this issue of the paper, to not worry — to accept that things will happen as they may and that all would fall into place whether I was stressing about it or not. I see now that I might as well stress out in advance, instead of getting that kick in the ass for not worrying sooner.

Oh, and the chaos wasn’t my fault — if the print shop had called me on Thursday or even Friday with all the issues we were solving today, I would be feeling a whole lot better right now. Bah.

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