Mary Kay party!

From a dildo party last night to a cosmetic party today. Can we say bankrupt, boys and girls? 🙂

I did get to meet the lovely Wee Kitten that Tiff and Tom have adopted. So. Very. Cute! She looks just like Kadi did at that age, only this one seems smarter. Then again, that probably isn’t a difficult status to achieve — we don’t call Kadi “Shorty B.” (or “Short Bus”) for nothing! 😉

A coupla weeks ago, Kadi busted down my patio door. I was sweeping up and cleaning my grill/outdoor furniture yesterday, and I realized that Kadi had taken some of her toys outside that day while I was away — two coffee stirrers and a Popsicle stick (she loves to play fetch). And as I swept, she was quite indignant that I tossed her toys, and she jumped up on the screen, slid down it and made several claw marks in retribution. I swear, I’m gonna need a new screen every three months with her in the house!

Went into work for awhile today. As usual, I had no real weekend. I talked with Tiff (about the Passion Parties) and Lynn (about Mary Kay) and the whole self-employment through hosting parties thing. It’s not how I imagined starting my own business, but it would certainly help with my ever-mounting debt. I would like to launch the Passion Parties, but that requires an initial investment that I am simply not capable of making at this point. *sigh* But worse comes to worst (as it often does), I buy the $250 kit, make no sales, and have lots of vibrating toys and slippery lubes to entertain myself with as the cats and I are sleeping in the car for the next few years. 😉

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