On self-loathing

Not only am I a drama queen, but I am an EXISTENTIAL drama queen.  The joy of it all.

Do you ever just, for once in your stupid life, want someone to ASK you what’s wrong? Like, sincerely just want to know what you’re holding back? And then in the second that said moment arises, you tell yourself that your thoughts aren’t even worth mentioning and then you spend the rest of your life digesting yourself for missing an opportunity to unburden yourself once and for all?

Then again, maybe it’s a sign to grow up and get over it already. Maybe it’s your conscience’s way of slamming your mouth shut before a foot or two wanders into the gaping abyss.  I don’t know. I just wish I didn’t spend so much time wondering.

One Lonely Response to On self-loathing

  1. trouble :

    What I really want is someone who will chase me down and tackle me when I run away emotionally.