Monday, monday

Reader Poll Monday, that is:

1. Do you have plans for St. Patrick’s Day?
It’s Friday night, so working late and going home to drink beer (green or otherwise; I have a six-pack of Yuengling I need to empty before I move) and pack shit.

2. When is the last time you consumed alcohol?
Saturday night. Beer. Holy ripping headache the next morning. As you get older, I guess your taste in alcohol becomes more refined (read: expensive) and cheap beer just doesn’t cut it anymore.

3. Have you ever been arrested?
Not for lack of doing absolutely stupid shit when I was younger, so I’ll say no, albeit surprisingly.

4. Do you have a bad habit you’d be willing to pay $250/month to break if it were guaranteed to work?
Stress-eating. When the little mind gremlins get the better of me, I will gnaw on anything and everything that’s handy.

5. Are you right-handed or left-handed?

6. Do you use a letter opener when you open your mail?
Nope. Although I do use one for emphasis while I speak. It ensures I have a 3-foot personal space radius at all times. 😉

7. Would you rather receive daily shoulder rubs or daily foot rubs?
Shoulder (oh, the stress knots I carry there). I don’t mind foot rubs but if folks are going to be all wimpy about it, don’t bother because I’m ticklish and would probably kick someone in the head.

8. Would you rather rappel down the side of the tallest building on earth, or walk cross a 6-inch wide beam suspended across the Grand Canyon?
Assuming I have ingested a lot of mind-altering substances, I’ll take the Spidey route and go down the building.

9. What time did you wake up this morning?
Alarm set for 6:10 a.m.; finally roused from near-dead at 6:42 a.m.

10. Ask me something.
What inspired your shutterbuggery? Have you been at it for years or is it a relatively recent hobby?

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