And now, we wait

I dropped by my (hopefully) new apartment complex this morning to drop off my anal-retentively immaculately completed application. When they comment on how friggin’ comprehensively you filled it out and speculate on your detail-orientedness (is that a word? It beats my usual disorientedness!), you know you’ve made an impression.

Speaking of impressions, hopefully the resulting credit check/report won’t make too BAD of an impression, although it’s got to count for SOMETHING how I’ve been digging my miserable ass out of student loan debt. It’s come at the expense of *other* debt, but I’m all about getting the feds offa my ass first!

Anyway, I *really* should have worked a bit this weekend, but I really needed the time to apartment-hunt/clean/dream a little bit. I’ve never been so rejeuvenated after a weekend in my entire life!

One Lonely Response to And now, we wait

  1. trouble :

    get rid of the shoulds, Dawn, and just be happy. There will always be mundane chores to do, but dreaming is the important stuff.