Old-fashioned blogging

I’ve been blogging in notebooks lately — yes, using lined paper and blue medium-ink pens. It keeps me from saying anything overly incriminating while I’m at work (as they are screen-shoting us and possibly building cases against us), as well as keeps me from going apeshit over things better left unsaid in virtual writing — some days, it’s just better to bitch at the computer screen than to actually etch my snarkines in stone.

In a brilliant fit of non-blog writing, I just blew myself away with a description of “Where Flowers Once Grew,” about the free-spirited person I once was. ::sigh:: While it will never see the light of day, I sure hope my personal happiness eventually does.

The paper is closer to being done. I received Kumquat’s blessing to be late with it this month (ostensibly so he can build a case against me why they shouldn’t promote me). Of course, in his words, he says he’d rather it be “perfect” instead of “on time.” But is anything ever perfect enough around here? At any rate, I don’t want the paper to be too late because our deadlines are super-early next month, but as long as the publishing house is kosher with it, hey, it all pays the same! (Read: not enough.)

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