My college gets a good idea … finally


My alma mater is having a freshman phonathon whereby the school’s top brass call to check in on the kids, to see how they’re assimilating during their first weeks away from home.

I don’t have too much snarky to say about it, other than I remember the throngs of people who dropped out as soon as the semester started, for whatever reason. Most people were pissed off because we had no athletics (other than dance, and those dancers were bitchy and sweaty and annoying, giggling freaks). Or because it was a small school, you had to wait six semesters before your required core classes in your major would finally show up on the schedule, and they’d fill up early and be closed off to the people who really needed them to graduate. Or because we were absolutely incompatible with our roommates — not to mention the fact that we were required to co-exist with strangers with varying cleaning/hygiene issues in 10′ by 15′ cells rooms.

I wonder if the top brass will DO anything with such complaints, ’cause they’re gonna hear that and more, if memory serves. 🙂

At any rate, if they’d called me, I would have been whining because, of my group of a dozen female friends, all of us got on the same menstrual cycle within a couple of weeks. My god, to walk down the hallway of the 18th floor and hear us moaning … no WONDER people moved off our floor and headed for the hills!

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