In what world does this make sense?

Went back to work today. Just left a little bit ago so I could come home and take some much-deserved Percocet. *sweet sigh* I also let my writer go home when I did, so she’s a happy girl, too.

Maddie looks like she has pinkeye in one eye, but I called the vet, who surmised that Kadi probably scratched her in the eye. If it’s still pink tomorrow, I am supposed to take her in. Kadi can’t be declawed till she’s at least five months old, but I might rip her nails out with my teeth if she’s hurting Maddie. Bad little cat.

Apartment situation (no air, no electric in kitchen, no hot water) is the same. I saw my buddy RC at work today, who lives behind me in the same complex, and she informed me that residents are supposed to be unplugging their refrigerators. Hah! Fat fucking chance. I shouldn’t be lifting much (and I’m definitely exerting myself more than I should be), so I ain’t movin’ that fucking thing to find the plug. Nobody from the management office informed me that I have to do this, so I am not bothering until I’m told … and then I’ll tell them they can come do it themselves.

Apparently one of our connectors to a transformer blew, and the electric company has declared that we are on the low end of the totem pole as far as repairing and restoring service. Joy. The original four-day window they’d told us we’d need to wait out is now extended indefinitely, as today is day four without power and hot water. What’s funny is that we were fine DURING the storm; shit just blew out AFTER it. In what world does this make sense?

I’m gonna go retire to the couch right now. I’m hungry, but now that I’ve thrown out all of my food, all I have are Mom’s cookies to live on. And that ain’t really a bad thing, when I think about it. 🙂

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