Monday night potpourri

Other than a nasty neck ache, it was an okay day. A gift certificate to the Sugar House would be most welcome right now, as I don’t know how else to kick the stress outta my system. *hint hint*

The times, they are a changin’

Went to Wallyworld after my workday ended, where I bought about 20 plastic tubs for packing. (Hence the neck ache, from carrying them.) This move is really going to happen. I gave notice to the rental company that we’re leaving, and they left us our leaving papers today. I am stunned that I have acquired so much shit during the past year, when I took so many pains to get rid of so much crap when I arrived down here in scenic Alexandria more than a year ago.

Cats ‘n ‘at

Maddie sniffs me from head to toe disdainfully when I get home every night. Seems I’ve been *cheating* on her with three cats and three dogs, and she doesn’t like it. Not one bit. So I’ve been showering her with extra treats and such, to make up for it. She doesn’t seem to mind that. 🙂

I hung out with Kenya and Kaioro for awhile tonight — our third night in a row together. Kenya has really warmed up to me and now loves to be petted and scratched behind his ears. Kaioro has been sullen and not eating much, but tonight, after I threw out his old food and gave him a fresh new bowl (again), he went straight for it and chowed down. I was happy … lord knows I don’t want Shan to come home to emaciated kitties. 🙂 I talk to the cats a lot, and I think they like knowing that I’m there. I told them all about their Mommy and Daddy getting married today, and they shit on the carpet in approval. That’s OK, I bought pet stain stuff at Wallyworld, so I will be cleaning up their little opinion registration tomorrow night. 🙂

Reflection and introspection

My existence has been this nonstop series of sky highs and infernal lows, but today, I think I might have just found myself on an even keel, for a change. I don’t love my life and work, but I don’t hate it either. Perhaps I hit this middle ground because I am always in motion, and I know that I won’t plateau or stay low for too long. And when work sucks, I have a loving family and circle of friends to offset the unbalanced load. I’ve also realized that, while I’ve been busy wishing I were as happy as some of the people in my life, they aren’t as happy as they seem. We all have obstacles and challenges and doubts, and we’re all trying to squeeze some meaning out of these days we have on earth.

And I finally understand the comforts of not (yet) being who or where I want to be — as well as not being with the person(s) with whom I wanted to be. If I had achieved everything that I’d wanted to accomplish by now, what would I have to look forward to?

Some folks are taking hiatuses from blogging right now, to go live life instead of writing about it. But as this space is intended for me to figure out who I am instead of figuring out what’s wrong with the world, I am going to keep it up full throttle during this hectic summer. I’ve been living all along, and if you guys actually want to go along for the ride during this exotically wild (and sometimes dreadfully boring) journey, feel free to strap on your seatbelt, toss on the Ray-Bans and turn up the iTunes. I’ve always said that I’m going to be somebody someday, but that’s a lie. I am somebody already, and I love all of you, even when I want to kick your asses sometimes. 😉

The soundtrack of my life

One of the hardest things I’m going to pack, as always, will be my massive CD collection. I bought Liz Phair’s newest record tonight — I have everything she’s ever made. It’s not that I particularly love her new song “Why Can’t I?” but she really just straight-shoots with her lyrics. They’re always very free-versed, and the girl can play a mean guitar.

Today brought a medley of Chantal Krevaizuk, Michelle Branch, Evanescence, Jewel and Lillix. I have been hunting for Live’s new album, “Birds of Pray,” because their song “Heaven” rocks my socks. Should I buy the whole CD, though?

Off to see the wizard. …

I’m outta here. All this thinking has hurt my brain. I’m going to go play with my kitty (not the one between my legs — that’s for later!) and talk to her about maybe adopting a new kitten when we move. I’m sure she, like her kitty cousins Kenya and Kaioro, will register her opinion on the floor while I’m sleeping later. 😉

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