Edit this!

I found out that my new Liz Phair CD is edited. Yes, EDITED. Goddamn Wal-Mart and their fucking family values — they don’t sell anything with offensive material (books, CDs, whatever). Fuckin’ A. The only thing foul in Wally’s would be the customers. Christ! I might return the CD and go buy it at Tower instead — I already paid $15 at this supposed shitty lil discount store, and I didn’t get what I wanted. Bastards!


I bought it from my Amazon wish list. AND I bought “Birds of Pray” by Live. AND I bought three books that I’ve been wanting. So there, Wal-Mart! Eat me, you rifle-toting, bible-hugging cult of fish eggs. May you rot with Martha Stewart. 🙂 Now excuse me, I’m going to go listen to Liz Phair’s “WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg” and crank up the volume on my favorite song of hers, “Polyester Bride.”

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