Monday, Monday

“The silicon chip inside her head

gets switched to overload

and nobody’s gonna go to school today

she’s gonna make them stay at home

And Daddy doesn’t understand it

He always said she was good as gold

And he can see no reason

‘Cause there are no reasons

What reasons do you need to be shown

Tell me why

I don’t like Mondays

I want to shoot

The whole day down.”

— Boomtown Rats (as covered by Tori Amos), “I Don’t Like Mondays” —

Appropriate for another gloomy day in the life. Was just lying in bed, contemplating what I want out of this life, what I’ve already got, and how to use the latter to acquire the former, before the silicon chip switches to overload.

Before I die, I want:

1. To own a house/condo/apartment.

2. To see Italy, France, Ireland, Scotland and Spain.

3. To earn enough money to choose When and If I want to work during a particular day/week/month/year.

4. To always have enough money in the bank to purchase a last-minute plane ticket to anywhere and be able to afford at least a week in a hotel, wherever I end up.

5. To continually be surrounded by beautiful people and things that are real, consisent and meaningful.

6. To be pleased with my whole self, instead of certain parts or none at all.

7. To love what I do, both professionally and personally.

“Sometimes you’re hit by the moment

When suddenly everything seems to be clear

A time when the world moves so slowly

A time when the answers just seem to appear

Sometimes it seems like a long road

Wrapped up and caught up in all that you fear

Then finally you stand in a strange place

Where you’ve learned and you’ve grown

And your moment is here.”

— Seven and the Sun, “I Won’t Look Back” —

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