Rather, a break from all sniper news, all the time. (I was beginning to sound like CNN.)

Since the alleged snipers were caught “like a duck in a noose,” I have been reading about the follow-up stories but not as avidly as I read the minute-by-minute details. I guess it isn’t pressing anymore. If we’ve truly got the culprits detained for good, I can relax till the next bizarre event occurs, whenever that may be.

I will admit, though, that I hate international news. Give it to me in baby-aspirin-sized doses; whirl the spoon around like an airplane or a choo-choo, just break it to me gently and give me the bottom line. I don’t want to hear about an unsafe world when we have so many problems at home. I am on information overload and can’t take much more.

Two news stories that rattled me today: a shooting at the University of Arizona’s nursing school, where a 41-year-old student shot three professors, and a shooting at a Jersey city high school, where a person walked in, shot one student, and walked out. I was just saying to Shan, last night if you can believe that, that I realize that school shootings, as defined by the mass bloodshed of the late 1990s, have dissipated, but that other forms of violence exist and that I was surprised we hadn’t heard of any shootings, as of late.

My concern for the schools is rooted in the fact that I have officially started volunteering for an organization that was founded to prevent school violence. And I plan to do some work for another one that, partly, deals with stress in the workplace (I am the poster child. hee hee. Only theoretically!). At any rate, it’s good to keep the ol’ brain occupied … and using my development background is kind of exciting, because I learned so much in a short period of time. For 28 years old, sometimes my experience and insight amazes me, but then I realize that I worked hard and paid a lot of attention to the successes and failures of my colleagues and superiors, so I earned everything that I know. It’s good to feel useful.

And I hear that I am getting business cards with the new company … they were ordered today. Cripes, it took me more than six months as a director at Two Strikes (or as Shan calls it, Second Choice) to get biz cards, and that’s because I finally got pissed off and had them designed and ordered especially for me. I hope I do well with this endeavor. I really do. And eventually it will pay off financially, and I am willing to devote time and energy right now to prove my mettle. Here’s to hoping the mettle isn’t tarnished or rusted from taking off the past few months from really using the ol’ brain. And here’s to eventually earning enough money to kill off some of those hardworking brain cells with smokey and swallowy treats!!!

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