After a fun night out drinking with Shan, I got up this morning feelin’ kinda shitty (mainly because my cold renewed itself and therefore only allows me to have one functioning nasal passage at a time), but determined to clean my room.

Well, that didn’t happen, but I did do some work on the living room, kitchen and bathroom. And I tossed up a few Halloween decorations. I’m not real in love with the apartment, although I’ve got my eye on a studio that’s almost as big as the three aforementioned rooms combined, but while I’m here, I figure I might as well attempt to enjoy it. And it’s amazing how, with a little bit of TLC and a bit of effort, how cute the place can look and how yummy it can smell.

I also threw away an entire bag of paperwork and bills, let’s face it, I’ll never get around to having the money to pay. Sure, I’ll be sittin’ in jail one of these days over it, but hell, I keep stressing every time I see the paperwork and might as well get it out of sight. LOL. I think I have a solution for the phone problem, though. But I’ll post it at a later date.

On a work note (a brief one), I told IKEA Boy and Shan that I am at my last *real* job. Ten years and 10 employers later (note that I worked many jobs concurrently), I have operated under the belief that when a job stops being fun or ceases to further my skills, then I can leave. Now that I have mastered my current position and will probably have nothing to do outside of my department (media stuff), I have one more skill to master, and that is using Quark. And I don’t want IKEA Boy’s job. He’s undoubtedly my coolest supervisor, but let’s face it, he still serves at the pleasure of Pussy Demure and Jackie. Which just sucks all the way around.

And when you think you’ve escaped the bullshit from your former job, you step into a fresh pile of it at your next job. And the one after that. All employers have their problems, and all have their positives. Yet the only way to combine all the great things about each job is, well, to take your collective experiences and launch your own company. Sure, it will have its own issues, undoubtedly, but I will have the power to fix what’s wrong and build upon what’s right.

Shan and I are loosely planning a trip to Boston for some freelance work for some people we met at our press conference. They, in turn, are willing to give us some real advice for starting a business. I think it’s going to come down to us launching a media relations gig for companies who appreciate us. We are also talking about doing a publicity campaign for a company her dad is heavily involved with and helped to launch. I am actually pretty psyched about trying to raise some money for it, so I can put my hard-earned fund-raising skills to the test.

At any rate, that’s news for now. Off to watch “Trading Spaces” in my French-mint scented living room!

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