Mmm, veggies

I am horrible at sticking to diets. I was doing a pseudo-Atkins kinda thang for awhile, but once I went to Kansas City, that kinda got shot in the ass. And of course, because I’ve no been longer dieting, I’ve been enjoying Chinese food and pizza and ice cream and numerous (and I mean numerous!) adult beverages.

And lo and behold, I realize that I am being very South Beach Diet-friendly by having a lovely dinner tonight of spicy bloody marys. The celery, the olives, the tomato juice, the horseradish (the vodka) … is there any more perfect food than this?!?! *gulp* Being that I’m working tonight, I needed a lil somethin’ somethin’ to take the pain away, and by golly, if I can’t not be working, at least I’ve found a way to not hate it so much.

Of course, I’ll need to do some HEAVY editing when I’m a lil less inebriated, but fuck it. Don’t really care right now!!! 😉

In any event, I need to get my ass back on a diet. One of these days. I can safely say that I gave up dieting for Lent — it’s the first time I never relapsed on something I chose to not do during this holy little time!!!

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