A dress

This weekend, I bought a dress for Bryan and Paul’s union ceremony on May 15. It’s not the dress, but a dress nonetheless. It’s taupe and floor-length with a tiny bit of crinoline at the bottom, but the fucker is sleeveles. Ugh. I NEVER go sleeveless! Barring wearing a T-Shirt underneath it (not likely), I have to head out and find a nice wrap or something (something like another dress, perhaps. …).

Stopped by Ross yesterday (the discount outlet place where I spend thousands of dollars/hours each year). I bought a white jeanjacket and a cute lil blue denim skirt (that I’m wearing right now!). I put them on the same hanger (’cause I’m efficient like that), and when the cashier asked if that were a two-piece outfit, I said, no, actually, they are in fact separate pieces. And what did she do but ring up the pieces as a set! I didn’t feel the need to correct her AGAIN, so I got the $15 jacket for free. This adequately made up for the aggravation of three million kids running around the store and nearly knocking me off my feet at every turn. 🙂

Mom keeps wondering if I’m ever going to have kids. I think, if I can ever get her to visit me, I will take her to Ross and tell her to ask me again if she still wonders why my answer is continually a resounding HELL no!!!

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