Dear Week,

For Christ’s sake, END ALREADY!!!! Gah, why are you continuing to torture me? For the love of all things holy, isn’t it time to stop the madness already?



Oh, and one more:

Dear Elevator,

You suck. Seriously. Not that I was in a grand hurry to go back into my office at 5:30 p.m. when everyone ELSE was headed in the OPPOSITE direction. But suspending me in midair between floors for 10 minutes? That was mean.

I get the message — I’ll lug my fat ass up the steps next time. *sigh*

Eat me.

No love,


One Lonely Response to Mailbag

  1. Valbee :

    This is EXACTLY how I felt Thursday and Friday. Well, not the elevator part, though we have one that’s possessed in the library where I work. Even so, it was behaving itself when I was around last week. But yeah, the never ending week thing… sheesh.

    Today is better. I wish the weekend was six days long though.