I’ve put about a dozen posts into my Drafts folder this weekend. I wish I could publish everything that’s running through my head, but well, I know better. There’s a lot of juicy stuff, a lot of heartbreaking stuff, and a lot of snarky stuff. I have to keep reminding myself that people actually read this page, so please forgive me for not telling all — I am sure it will all come out in due time, but this ain’t the time or the place, but I’ve got to get it outta my system.

Still can’t work the damn DVD player. Bleah. Guess that means I need a new TV, but I’ll save that for when I start using my entertainment center for more than just a dust bunny collection. The entertainment center is built to house all kinds of media, but as my TV equipment is piled up on a desk in my room right now, well, the TV will just be a planned purchase for after I move (one less thing to lug, anyway!).

Anywho, I’ll be at the publishing house all day — cross your fingers for no major errors in the paper!!! Demure and Kumquat will probably LOVE to have my ass for any slight mistake. And as for you, loyal reader, try not to miss me too much! Dance class update coming late tonight or early tomorrow! (Will I ever learn how to do those fucking turns?!?!)

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