Dancing Queen, part 2

Class #2 of 6 came and went tonight uneventfully. Some of the men from last week didn’t return (Onion Breath Gary did return, though, with much fresher breath this evening, thank god!). Debonair Gary continued to express his frustration with me for fucking up all of my steps and his as well. 😉 Oh well.

I was desperately tired, as I didn’t leave the publishing house till 6, at which time I went into work and checked e-mail. My dinner consisted of a Diet Coke (no ice, like usual — can’t stand ice), two caffeine pills, and far too many cigarettes to admit to. 😉 Anyway, the caffeine and nicotine didn’t kick in till about 8:30 p.m., at which point I was twirling like a maniac. Heh.

I came to the conclusion early on that I go there solely to have some fun as well as meet some nice people. I met two Stephanies this evening, and they were cool. One Stephanie was the friend of Sweetheart Mike, with whom I enjoyed messing up the steps again tonight. I danced with him twice; at the end, we pretty much got to choose a partner, and I went to grab Dave, because we hadn’t danced together all night, but a gal took him first and Mike came over to me within a split second.

I tried to crack a joke with Mike, that I am in control at work but I can’t command my feet to move correctly for the life of me. He smiled and kept on counting. 🙂 But hey, he remembered my name, and he approached me when he arrived at the studio, so I was a happy Dawn. (What the hell is wrong with me? I feel like I’m in third grade!)

I am getting irritated with the left-turn business that we ladies have to do. There are too many steps required in order to make that happen, and I happily fuck them up almost every single time. But tonight, we learned the right turn — in one step — and I got it on the first try. w00t!

Dude, all I have to say is this: if it’s a nightclub-dancing class, why the fuck aren’t we all on Ecstasy? Who the hell dances in nightclubs without it (or at least a beer or 10)?

The instructor pretty much avoids me. That’s OK — I am easily twice her size; I feel awkward around her. Suddenly it’s like gym class again, and all the perky and petite ones are the stars of the class, while I just try to make it through another session without falling on my ass. But at least it’s amply padded, should such an occasion arise. 😉

Dave and I had a wonderful chat afterward at Dunkin Donuts, the only place that’s open, even if only for an hour, after the class ends. He’s such a special and just plain fabulous guy — and I’m glad our paths now cross at least once a week. 😉 I spent a long time when I moved down here bemoaning the fact that I was having a nearly impossible time meeting genuine, caring and dynamic people down here. Between him and Shan, I have officially been proven wrong, and I’m damn glad about that. 😉

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