Ah, payday came and went while I was working my 26-hour-plus shift, so this weekend, I managed to blow a boatload of money on:

1. Rent

2. Overdue car insurance

3. Overdue student loan

4. A DVD player that I can’t fucking figure out how to hook up

5. Jewelry

6. A manicure and a full set of nails. Aaaah, hand massage …

7. Clothes I didn’t really need

8. A caddy for my six TV remotes

9. Car accessories (oh god, a black lace steering wheel cover and rearview mirror cover)

10. Hair accessories

11. Alcohol and snacks at Bennigan’s

12. A pre-order of the soon-to-be released American Idol 2 CD

13. Junior Mint-flavored lip gloss (I could have chosen either that or the Pez-flavored gloss; I’m glad I chose to be bursting with chocolate-mint flavoring!)

14. Bras ‘n’ underwear

15. Entirely too many personal care products at the dollar store

Guess who’s broke till next payday on May 7?!?!

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