‘Just like Bogey and Bacall’


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Ah, Key Largo. Crayola executives probably take their boats out into the Atlantic to dream up their newest colors. I don’t even know what to call this, other than extraordinary.

I introduced someone new to the blog today. Perhaps against my better judgment. But I don’t blog as much as I used to, so there is far less incriminating evidence on this page than there used to be. 😉

I’d rather have stories and scandal and choose not to tell them, than try to make my life sound interesting when it might not be. Let’s just say it is, and leave it at that.

I had a dream that I got fired. And it was no big deal, really. I made one phone call and was hired as the publisher at a new company my friends just started. (My friends really liked that dream!)

I am in the position I wanted, but someone else in a similar position deals with the subject matter that I am a master at. It’s very weird. On one hand, I’m like … but I know that stuff (trading) so well — why did they assign us the divisions they did?

And then on a day like today, where I got an incredible compliment from someone I NEVER expected one from, I realize that I’m growing. Sure, the subject matter (investing) isn’t my forte. it’s borderline dreadful on a bad day. But I have a lot to learn, and I’ll emerge from this smarter.

I learned the hard stuff first. Story of my career, actually. I learned options before I learned how to trade. I learned trading before I learned about long-term investing. Normal people do it the complete opposite. Most never learn options. I can teach them in my sleep.

Mind you, I don’t trade. Cash flow issue. 😉 But those who can’t, apparently market and edit for those who do!

I’ve been in friggin’ la-la land in my head these past few weeks. Perhaps it’s that the subject matter — say it with me — is bo-ring. Maybe I’m avoiding reality. (If only one could get paid a salary for that. …)

Mom’s really sick. I mean *really* sick. And I’m just so tired and burned-out and over it all, you know? I have traveled about a half-dozen times in the last month and I have a week away in a week from now. And I can’t wait to run for the (northern) border once again.

I am bummed that a friend who was supposed to head to Canada with me next week isn’t going. Another friend might meet the caravan, but I don’t know. I do love that my friendships are transcontinental. I’m more likely to see someone on the road than I am living in their damn zip code!

Lady L and I made a pact to visit the Emerald Isle next year. Speaking of transcontinental friendships, I’ve been meaning to reconnect with a friend from that area. I suck at this shit. I really do.

There’s a period in my life where everything went to hell, and I single-handedly destroyed every friendship I had at the time. Granted, a lot of fair-weathered types flocked the fuck away. But there were those who wanted to be there. And I just … couldn’t. And every time I look back, I feel those feelings of just, utter defeat. And I think I don’t deserve to have those friends back, because I couldn’t nurture those relationships.

So, their e-mails sit read, but unanswered, in my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. I don’t know what to say. O HAI I suck. You look great. Congratulations on your life events. Wish I hadn’t gone through that dark period because we missed out on a lifetime of friendship. Kisses!


Anyway, this year … this summer … has been all about reconnecting. With my beloveds. With nature. With myself.

My friends who travel like I do, often get homesick. Not me. I find myself when I’m on the road. It’s when I’m home that I’m kinda lost.

I’m lucky that at least I’ve had the pleasure of making my own acquaintance. And if I have to get a passport stamp to go have dinner with her every once in a while, so be it.

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