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The only thing that irritates me about social media — other than my absolute dependence on it — is when it’s a holiday and everybody’s posting good tidings.

Skip the Suzy Sunshine shit and entertain me, damn it!

*cough* So, OK, nothing really newsworthy here. L and I spent the day sailing around Key Largo yesterday. We figure, if we’re going to live in paradise — for a brief time, probably — then we owe it to ourselves to explore it.

And we had a blast. 🙂

Full steam ahead!

It was raining like hell here in Palm Beach County yesterday. But we went to Monroe County, and it was lovely. Absolutely lovely. We got into a glass-bottom boat at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, and had nothing but blue skies and sunshine and oil-free waters, which I captured with my new camera.

I need furniture. And a storage unit. And a boat to Cuba that I can toss my mother into. But alas, I bought a camera because that — shy of the boat — is what I will get the most use/enjoyment out of.

Hell, I’m just happy to get the hell out of Dodge. I can’t stand being at home. Work was really stressful last week. Not “crackhead”-level stressful by ANY means. But, you know, not easy, either.

Given the theme of today’s holiday, however, celebrating one’s independence is in HIGH order.

I don’t have much else to say … well, that I CAN write … but life is just too short to be stressed out. Our existence doesn’t really end here, so we should be living it up while we’re in this life form because it’s the briefest. It’s all about collecting experiences, and let me tell you, I know EXACTLY how lucky I am to be who/where I am.

And I just want to enjoy it while I (can) have it. Which is why I leave crap jobs and so-called friends behind, and jump on the wind and ride it wherever it’s blowing. I’m not always as light of heart and spirit (or ass) as I should be. But I will do my damndest to not let the wrong things weigh me down.

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