It’s only paradise on the surface

Watercolor sunset

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I was just reading Lachlan’s bucket list and wondered whether articulating/formalizing my own might make me more-inclined to start tackling it.

1. Visit Ireland. (Plan has been hatched for 2011!)
2. See every major city in Europe.
3. Kick out the Extra-Over-Extended Houseguest. Again.
4. Visit all of the Florida Keys. (The inhabitable ones. I’ve done stuff on two of 30. Lots more to see!)
5. Raise my credit score above my IQ.
6. Fall in love.
7. Get married. Hopefully to the person in No. 6.
8. Help to rear a child. Doesn’t have to be biological. I’m all about fostering or adopting, although I’ve had it with freeloaders. 😉 I may reconsider this one!
9. Feel beautiful. Whether through diet, exercise or plastic surgery. Or all of the above.
10. Forgive my mother.

Hopefully these will all become “Mission: Possible” in time, although I’m more likely to find my pot of gold than to achieve No. 10 in this lifetime.

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