Isn’t it ironic

After an incredibly shitty fucking week,

1. I spammed myself. Not as in, oh shit I got spam from my own domain. Oh, but no. One of my accounts got spammed from an entirely different e-mail account. It was inevitable, I suppose, but somewhat funny. This is assuming, of course, I still had any capacity to smile.

2. After a scare of having no check for my designer (read: no magazine layout would be in my hands till payment was made), I walked in to receive two checks for the same thing for him. LOL. I don’t even know where to begin on figuring that one out!

3. Somebody once again didn’t balance her checkbook and onlyl has $14 till Monday (which won’t exactly cover valet parking at the Helix). Assuming the organization makes payroll (and it’s hit or miss, I understand, this time around), I might get money on Saturday. Too bad I can’t keep one of the checks I mentioned in No. 2!!!

On iTunes: David Gray, “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”

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